Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Million dollar gifts for your loved ones

If money does not deter your gift-giving, how about presenting your loved one with one of million dollar gifts:

This apartment will only set you back 200 million

Or how about this blue diamond for 7.98 million?

On the other hand, there's nothing wrong with these earrings for 8.5 million

Dance in style with these diamond sandals for 2 million

Then again, if you may want to celebrate your love with some Diva Premium vodka spirits for only 1,060,000 dollars

How about this eco-house for 7.2 million pounds?

If you don't have millions of dollars to spend, 
you can always chose one of these:

A gold remote for $55,000

Kiss her $62,000 lips

Dress him up in this $220,000 diamond tie

All that gift-giving will surely make you hungry...

Go for a $100 per omelet meal 

Drink it down with this Perrier-Jouet champagne for only 50,000 euros

Top it off with this frozen haute chocolate dessert for $25,000

Let me know how it goes!

1 comment:

  1. Well, alas, this is just a little too rich for me! I love to give presents but mine will never be in this price range!