Friday, November 5, 2010

Postcards: Walking in a traveler's shoes


History of Postcards | A Brief History of Postcards | Vintage Postcard History
Discover the history of postcards, stamps, and other related trivia.

How to Grade Postcards  
A rating system for old and vintage postcards. It also includes a glossary of terms related to postcards.

Postcards from the Deep
Postcards from a deep sea explorer. Interesting website.

How to Determine a Vintage Postcard Date
A technique for finding the age of postcards.

The French Factrice
Very interesting vintage site. Check it out.
Tour America through Postcards
Tour all 50 states, easily, breezily, through postcards arranged chronologically, state-by-state, from the first to the last day of our three-year journey, 1997-2000. Click on the links above each postcard - Maps, Travel Tips, Stamps and Fun Facts - to find out more about the featured state.

Travel Video Postcards
Subscribe to their YouTube channel. These are 1-minute stories that address destinations or travel tips. They are designed to transport the viewer to the destination through a rich melange of their educational narration, engaging video, and the sounds and music of the locale.

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