Friday, September 3, 2010

Letter carrier attacked by hawk

I know that some letter carriers have an occupational hazard involving dogs (see video). But hawks?

CALGARY ~ Rain, snow, sleet and hail may not stop the mail from getting through, but dive-bombing birds sure will.
   Canada Post has suspended mail service in part of the southwest Calgary community of Bayview because a hawk has been attacking the letter carrier.
   The hawk is so aggressive it even broke a bike helmet the carrier was wearing to protect herself.
   A family of the birds is living in a tree in the community, but hasn't harassed any of the residents.
   Some people say they were told it's because the hawks think the carrier is a predator.
   Canada Post spokesperson Theresa Williams says they'll try delivering the mail to the affected 150 homes again next week.
The Canadian Press


  1. oh my!! sounds scary!!!!

    ichigoshortcake from sb^^ xxx

  2. Oh my, here in AZ all we worry about is heat. Would have never thought a bird would hold up the mail! A dog yes, but a bird Wow!

    (cowinaroundagan from swapbot)

  3. Freaky!!! Birds weird me out anyhow!

    HayleyK from SwapBot

  4. I know that I shouldn't laugh, but after what happened between me and my mail lady today I can't help myself. My mail lady was telling me that I need to get a P/O box because she's tired of climbing the stairs to drop off the mail that won't fit into our mailbox and I told her that I was not going to pay a fee to have my mail delivered to me and that the moto for the postal service is rain, sleet or snow the mail will be delivered so she should stop complaining she signed up for that job. Thank you for posting this I needed a good laugh!! But on a more serious note I do feel sorry for those mail carriers because that is scary that they are being attacked by Hawks!!

    Craftymom85- Swapbot partner for comment on my blog

  5. Oh My! :) This is homekeepingheather from swap-bot. :)

  6. ooh that must be very scary delivering mail there ...