Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Kate Winslet's bathroom oscar

Where do you think most celebrities put their Oscars? On a mantle or a trophy cabinet, right? Well, not Kate Winslet...

Kate Winslet  keeps her Oscar in the bathroom . The actress--who won it last year as Best Actress for her role as a Nazi war criminal in The Reader--admitted she wanted to keep the statue out of sight so people wouldn't keep asking her about it, but in a place where guests could look at it privately.

She told U.K. TV show GMTV : "People can sneakily have a little hold and put it back down again...because basically everybody wants to touch it, everybody wants to hold it and go, "Oh, my gosh," and "How heavy is it?" So I figured if I put it in there, then people can avoid the whole 'Where's your Oscar?' thing."

Actually, I wouldn't mind holding it myself! And the bathroom would be an idea spot--if I got really excited about touching the trophy, I'd be in the right place...
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