Sunday, February 21, 2010

Get Glympse - make sure your family and friends arrived safely

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Glympse is a way to share your real-time location for a specified period of time.

Who this would benefit:
  • parents who have loaned their car to their children
  • family or friends who want to know they've arrived safely
  • business partners to know where someone is if they're late for a meeting

Glympse ™ is a mobile application that offers an entirely new way to share your location with friends, family and business associates. When you send a Glympse to someone, you send a link (unique URL) that opens to a dynamic map when clicked and lets the recipient see your location for however long you specified using our GlympseWatch™ timer (from a second up to four hours … this map can update in real-time). Once the Glympse timer expires - that's it. Your location will no longer be shared. You can choose to extend a Glympse before it expires and you can always "update" or "delete" a Glympse at any time. The person you send it to does not have to have any special software installed. Surprise your friends and colleagues by being the first one to send them a Glympse. Visit the homepage today.homepage
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